February 24, 2007

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

1999 的老電視影片,Microsoft 與 Apple 的故事......
Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak 以及 Bill Gates & Paul Allen & Steve Ballmer...
Microsoft DOS 用買的、兩方與 IBM 老大哥情節、1984 廣告、Jobs 女兒、......


從 7:19,-1:07 開始的經典對話:
B: Get real, will you?
You and I are both like guys that have this rich neighbor...
...that left the door open all the time.
And you go sneaking in to steal the TV set.
Only when you get there, you realize that I got there first.
I got the loot, Steve!
And you're yelling?
"That's not fair. I wanted to try to steal it first."
You're too late.

S: We're better than you are.
S: We have better stuff.

B: You don't get it, Steve.
B: That doesn't matter.

不知 Bill Gates 對此片有何感想,但顯然 Apple 這邊還挺喜歡這部片的樣子:

1999 的 Macworld NY,還讓飾演 Steve Jobs 的 Noah Wyle 與 Jobs 同台搞笑,哈...

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