May 09, 2007

Google Reader for Wii

前幾天提到 Wii 遙控器可以被拿來上網、逛 BBS...
這次 Google Reader 也生出一個 Google Reader for Wii
利用 Wii 的 browser 功能配上設定的 Wii 遙控器快捷鍵,
在 Wii 上面瀏覽 Google Reader...
(之前提到的那些 Wii 遙控器特異功能都不在 Wii 上應用 XD)

(Feed Your Television - The Official Google Reader)
You'll also notice that Reader on the Wii takes advantage of the famous Wiimote:
* up/down: scroll up/down
* right/left: next/previous item
* 1 button: show subscriptions
* 2 button: show links
When showing subscriptions:
* up/down: previous/next subscription
* right: select current subscription
* left: close
* -/+: collapse/expand folder

所以,雖然沒有 Wii,
還是可以到 過過乾癮 XD

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