June 01, 2007

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at D5

偶然看到 Steve Jobs 和 Bill Gates 同台接受訪問的消息,

Gates and Jobs share stage, friendly banter at D5 - CNET News Blog
Gates與Jobs同台:互虧、感性、欣賞 - Taiwan CNET

(雖然我記 Steve Jobs 比較多:iCon 讀後Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. )
(但我也很喜歡揣摩兩人可能關係的那部 Pirates Of Silicon Valley)
當然不能錯過這對我來說是歷史性一刻的會談,一定得記到自己的 blog 來囉...

(以下影片,來源網站 D5 對外站連結
在影片開始前好像都有插入一段 15 秒的廣告...XD)

第一次: 1983 Macintosh software dating game
第二次: 1991 Fortune interview
第三次: 1997 MacWorld (Bill 螢幕出場被噓 XD)
第四次: 2005 D3

然後看一下 highlight...


Part 1
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discuss their contributions to the technology industry, the qualities they most respect in one another, and former Apple CEO Gil Amelio's seamanship.

Part 2
Steve and Bill talk about the 1997 agreement between Apple and Microsoft; whether they think their companies are rivals today; the “Get a Mac” commericals; and iPods, Zunes and music.

Part 3
Bill and Steve talk about their biggest regrets; what excites and surprises them in technology today; mobile devices; and what they feel computing will be like in five years.

Part 4
Gates and Jobs continue their discussion about the future of technology, covering such topics as mobile phones, flexible displays, Internet services and the nimbleness of large companies versus small start-ups.

Part 5
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs’ discussion with Walt and Kara turns to the entertainment industry, the transition facing Hollywood companies today and the future of computing interfaces.

Part 6
Steve and Bill reveal the greatest misunderstanding about their relationship, joke with Walt and Kara and receive a standing ovation from the crowd as they conclude their fireside chat.

Part 7
Bill and Steve field questions from the audience at D5.

整個會談訪問的 transcript



老實說,還是 YouTube 比較快,所以......XD

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  1. 今天才發現原來可以在 iTunes 下載整段完整影片...