March 24, 2007

Impossible is Nothing 2007 (adidas campaign)

Impossible is Nothing!!!

Gilbert Arenas: Basketball Player. NBA All Star
“When no-one else believes in you – believe in yourself.”

“Hi, I’m Gilbert Arenas and this is my story,
When I entered the NBA,
the first 40 games of my career I sat on the bench.
They said I was gonna play zero minutes.
You know I just think they didn’t see the talent that I had.
They thought I was a zero.
Instead of sitting there being bitter,
I just practiced, practiced.
If no one believes in you,
Anything you do is a positive.
It wasn’t even about basketball any more,
It was about proving them wrong,
Now the reason I wear No. 0 is because it lets me know that
I need to go out there and fight every day.”

David Beckham: Footballer. England Captain 2000 – 2006
“You will go through tough times. It’s about coming through that.”

“My name is David Beckham and this is my story.
I still look back to ‘98,
Of course I wish it hadn’t have happened,
How I sort of reacted as a young boy,
I think I cried for about 5 or 10 minutes literally,
I’m feeling goose bumps now.
I was having death threats,
I never felt safe for 3.5 years.
It can knock a person down so much that they just go under,
After I scored the goal against Greece,
All of the sports writers, they just stood up and started clapping me,
To have that from the harshest critics,
That was a huge thing,
You will go through tough times,
It’s about coming through that.”

還有很多很多,可以到 YouTubeadidasIIN 頻道或者中文官網看看...
還有,這裡有 story...

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